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Melissa Henriksen

I have my own website!
Please head there for so much information about extensions, color, and how to enjoy a new guest experience with me. 


If you’re new here, I’m Melissa, an extension specialist in Waukesha Wisconsin, Lake Country. I’ve been a licensed hairstylist since 2001, became my own boss in 2014, then created and opened Salon M, the beautiful salon I call home, in 2015.

I started offering keratin bond extensions back in 2005 and it has been LIFE CHANGING for so many clients. The looks you can create are so natural and the ethically sourced hair from Great Lengths is impeccable. The confidence and empowerment this service brings to my clients is unmatched. This is by far my favorite service to offer since everyone leaves feeling amazing. How can you not love that?

I also offer hand tied weft extensions and am currently in certification mode for IBE(invisible bead extensions) the best method on the market for beaded wefts.

My second love is blending grey and traditional grey coverage!! I love knowing that services I provide to people can level up their self esteem and make them feel like their best selves. Uniquely, my clientele for extensions and grey coverage are usually one in the same!

When I’m not behind my chair, I am a wife, a mom, a reader, and a hobby farmer if you can believe it! Well.... not quite a full on hobby farmer, haha! Our family lives in a neighborhood where it shares a barn with cattle, fun chickens in their super awesome coop where we’re in charge of keeping them alive on Sundays, and an enormous garden with every vegetable and herb you can think of as well as some fruit trees and our own beehives!! If I’m not learning about something hair, I’m learning about being self sustaining! So fun.

I can’t wait to meet you in person at our beautiful cozy salon and see what we have in common!



Booking in the salon Mondays, Thursdays and select Saturdays  


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